Watching form changes using react-hook-form

A super helpful react package I am working with is called react-hook-form. It allows you to easily build and validate forms. It is pretty useful. Here I focus on a feature called watch, which is usually not the first thing you would use when starting to use react-hook-form.

Watching input using react-hook-form


Watch allows you to observe form changes (🤯). It will notify you whenever an input changes. This way you don’t have to wait for the user to submit the form in order to do something.

import React from ‘react’;import { useForm } from “react-hook-form”;const UseFormWatchExample = () => {  const { register, watch } = useForm();  const title = watch(‘title’)  return (    <form>      <input name=’title’ ref={register()}/>      <h1>{title}</h1>    </form>  );};export default UseFormWatchExample

How Does it work

  • First, we name our input “title” and register it to the form.
  • We then watch input changes using the watch(“title”) statement.
  • The title changes every time the user types a letter and then it is displayed inside the h1 tag

Watch API

You can use watch on a single form field (Like I showed in the example), an array of field names or to watch all fields by not passing any parameter to the function. Check out the official documentation for more details.

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