In chapter 21 of his book “Thinking, Fast and Slow”, Nobel prize winner, professor Daniel Kahneman describes a method he developed for interviewing employees. I highly recommend reading this chapter, which will also explain the theoretical reasoning behind the method I am going to discuss here. Based on his writings and our own observations, we developed a useful method to help us understand which software developers we should hire. It is nothing new, but rather basic principles put together. The idea is simple, we created a formula with a few factors to grade our candidates. …

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React recoil is aspiring to be the next big state management library for React. As of September 2020, it is still under the experimental stage but already has more than 9.5k starts. It is supposed to smoothly integrate with react’s newest features while allowing advanced state management. This article discusses the concept called atom which is the first concept you should learn when starting to use react-recoil.

Project Management Metrics

The statistics presented in the graph above are based on a survey of 5500 project management professionals. The survey was conducted as part of a report made by PMI. To understand the graph, let’s look at the topmost line which reflects the number of software projects between 2011 to 2018 that meet the project's original goals. In 2018, 70% of the projects succeeded to meet the business intent. Or from a different perspective, in 2018, around 30% of projects ended and didn’t provide a solution to the business needs. A huge percentage in my opinion. We can further see that…

Validating inputs is very often required. For example, when you want to make sure two passwords inputs are the same, an email input should in fact be an email or that the input is not too long. This is can be easily done using React Hook From. In this article, I will show you how.

Required Fields

The most simple, yet very common, validation is to make sure that an input component contains input from the user. React Hook Form basic concept is to register input tags to the form by passing register() to the tag’s ref attribute. …

A super helpful react package I am working with is called react-hook-form. It allows you to easily build and validate forms. It is pretty useful. Here I focus on a feature called watch, which is usually not the first thing you would use when starting to use react-hook-form.

Yaniv Beaudoin

React developer with 10+ years of experience as a programmer. Loves technology and building great products :)

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